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"Great product!"

I was worried about taking it during the day that it would make me sleepy. But it doesn’t at all, it just increases my focus and eases any stress and anxiety, making the day much easier. I will be using this product daily from now on


"Very effective, great quality oil."

Strong 10%, high quality hemp oil, taste is better than most brands, I use quite a lot of these products to help manage compressed nerves in the spine and sciatica. This oil is very effective and affordable too. I'll buy it again.

Victoria Richardson

"Slept like a baby."

Only received this yesterday and really hadn't planned on reviewing until I had used it a few times, however, I took this last night and shortly fell into a deep undisturbed sleep. Hopefully this will continue but so far I'm very pleased!

Akter a.

"Great for Arthritis pain."

I have been looking for a product that is light, not greasy and good on joint pain in my hands. I have horrible arthritis in my hands. I hate the strong smell of some creams. This one is a pleasant smell and it is not greasy. It has helped with my swelling joints in my hands and has helped the pain significantly. I have used many creams and I have finally found the one I will be sticking with. I will purchase this all the time now. Great product.


"Helps to alleviate pain"

I use this cream as a relief in the end of the day when my bunion aches. It helps alleviate bunion pain. The cream includes hemp oil extract. The cream is slightly pink in a colour with some menthol smell. It comes in a small jar and it weighs 80 g and have 400 mg of cream. You do not need much to put on, so it will last for some time.

Patricia Walton

"Great value for money!!"

This product is the 2nd jar I have purchased for my partner I have purchased another companies from you which was more expensive but he prefers this one. Gives excellent pain relief according to him!